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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 27, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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eye on congress and whether kevin mccarthy will become the next speaker of the house and we'll be here for all of it. until then in new york, bill hemmer, fox news. >> julie: any new year's' resolutions? >> jonathan: mine is to spend more time with you. i forgot how much fun you are. >> julie: i am so much fun. remember when we were in your office and the former bureau chief yelled at us because we laughed too loud. >> jonathan: it will only end in trouble for both of us. >> julie: miss you so much but good to be with you today. >> it is frightening, it is exasperateing and you are saying when is this going to end? we'll be getting through this together very soon, i feel confident. >> julie: kathy hochul after a
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brutal blizzard record through bluff low. president biden approved a disaster designation. 27 confirmed dead in the region around buffalo. i stranded motorists, knocking out power to thousands and trapping people in their frigid homes. the national weather service saying winter storm warnings are still in effect in parts of the state through this afternoon. there is no end in sight and no plan in place so far anyway from the white house as a record number of migrants continue to flood illegally across the southern border. while president biden heads off to sunny st. croix to celebrate his new year. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm julie banderas. dana and bill are off today. >> jonathan: i'm jonathan hunt. border patrol agents are preparing for the daily onslaught to get even worse when the title 42 asylum policy comes to an end.
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that could happen as soon as today, depending on a decision by the u.s. supreme court. there were more than 16,000 migrant encounters over the holiday weekend. former georgia congressman doug collins explaining the impact of all this on border agents at the front lines. >> they have been overwhelmed by an administration who doesn't care about them. they are down there processing illegal aliens who come across our border and sending them across the country not able to do their job. this is just -- you put more and more upon them. this is just a sad day. the biden administration if they have a plan it is a super secret back door plan for immigration. >> julie: full coverage on fox here. former el paso deputy police chief and texas congressman lance gooden will join us in a moment. you are live in st. croix.
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she is in a nice, balmy temperature where president biden is also arriving later today. you two enjoy your holiday together, okay? >> you know, i'll try my best. we're doing serious work out here but the weather could be worse. i could be in buffalo. we might get a court order today on the future of title 42 and when it could be lifted. until that comes, it does remain in place indefinitely. in the interim it does not appear the biden administration is even using it very much these days. customs and border protection sources tell box from friday to sunday there were 16,476 total encounters at the southwest border of which only 2,150 were expelled under title 42. 14,326 migrants were released into the u.s. now dhs says we could see some 15,000 border crossers per day if title 42 is lifted. that's prompting texas governor
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greg abbott to send a few dozen to vice president's d.c. home at the naval observatory. a white house official expressed outrage saying governor abbott abandoned children on the side of the road on christmas eve without coordinating any federal or local authorities. a cruel, dangerous and shameful stunt as we have repeatedly said we're willing to work with anyone, republican or democrat on real solutions. the political games accomplish nothing and only put lives in danger. republicans say democrats and the white house aren't interested in border security. >> we've got the biden administration and most democrats who don't see this as anything but a win. they are seeing this as success at the border. every person that you talk to in the biden administration doesn't see it as a problem. you talk to the president said there are other problems that we have. >> the white house says when title 42 is lifted they'll go back to the country's standard
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title eight. they have not produced a plan on how they will manage the coming surge. what they've been promising for weeks now and acknowledge they need more time to put together claiming the supreme court hold quote unwound some of the complex multi-agency and foreign policy efforts that they were making to put that plan in place. in the meantime the president will land in st. croix this afternoon vacationing until the new year as the courts determine what will happen at the southern border, julie. >> julie: thank you very much. we've just seen the white house pointing fingers at others. no indication they have a plan of their own. robert is a former el paso u.s. marshal and retired deputy chief of the el paso police department. thank you for coming on today. you were in el paso last week. what did your hometown look like? >> thank you for having me. i almost didn't recognize my
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hometown of el paso, at least certain parts of it. it was unbelievable. i didn't see any border patrol agents along the border. the only time i saw them was when they responded to a scene where texas dps actually took down a human smuggler and border patrol showed up to transport the migrant that had been smuggled. it's a different world down there. there is no sense of urgency. i saw the national guard down there on the border. i just wasn't used to see barbed wire in my hometown area. so that was quite a sight. but there is no sense of urgency. i heard your story where the white house complaining about these kids being exposed to frigid temperatures out there in d.c. and new york. well, i saw them exposed to freezing temperatures there in el paso as they came across the
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border. so i am tired of all the finger pointing and just hoping for some solution. there does not appear to be one in sight. >> julie: no, you are absolutely right. at this point we don't know of any current plan in place. it is a humanitarian crisis. over the christmas weekend, the number of migrants that came over in the freezing cold frigid temperatures were overwhelming and you say right now the floodgates are open. that's now. because if title 42 is lifted, you call it the dam breaking. we'll see a dam break there. what needs to be done? >> that is correct. we'll see the dam break and actually it is just unbelievable. what needs to be done in my opinion is they need to get a handle on the situation right on the border. the border is not secure. i don't care what anybody says. i was there and saw it firsthand. the border is not secure. we need to get a handle on that. the border patrol agents are
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doing a tremendous job and it is a thankless job. however they're just overwhelmed by processing the migrants. they are not on the border. who is protecting the border? our national guard, texas dps troopers are doing a phenomenal job. i did a ride along with them. even the el paso police department and sheriff's department are out there. so this has been a strain or adding a strain to state and local law enforcement agencies not only in the border area but throughout the united states. we're seeing local law enforcement having a job that should be handled by the federal authorities. >> julie: thank you so much for your insight. hoping something is done or planned, anyway, in 2023. thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you. >> jonathan: republicans officially take control of the house one week from today. so what can we expect to change with respect to the crisis at the southern border? and how will the g.o.p. conduct
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oversight? let's bring in texas republican congressman lance gooden a member of the house financial services committee. good to see you. can you really change anything even if you have, as you do, will have in the next week or so power in the house without the white house backing change? >> we can't. it will be more difficult than it would be if the white house was run by a republican. starting next week with republicans in charge what you will see for the first time in two years since president biden took office is an authority in washington actually declaring a problem. what we've seen for the last several years is no one in charge wants to admit we have a crisis at the border. starting next week we'll take control of the gavels of the committees, house judiciary committee led by representative jim jordan will begin oversight and actually being able to compel witnesses to testify. we'll have subpoena power and we'll be able to hold hearings
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and actually find out how much in bed with these non-governmental organizations the biden administration is that are encouraging illegal immigration. what is this administration talking about behind the scenes? they refused to answer our questions when we were in the minority. we look forward to holding hearings and impeaching mayokas what field miserably. the american people deserve so much better. >> jonathan: i want you to listen to your fellow congressman carlos jimenez from florida talking about the needs for hearings directly relating to the actions or inactions of dhs secretary mayokas. listen and i will get your reaction. >> i think we need to have hearings on why it is that the secretary mayokas department of homeland security refuses really to secure our southern border. it is -- not only a problem with the millions of migrants coming in illegally into the united
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states, but also leaves border unprotected and fentanyl flowing through at record pace. >> jonathan: is there any sense, do you get, that the american people have had enough of hearings, what they really want are action and they don't think hearings whether held by republicans or democrats will make a difference? >> what you've seen is democrats running the show with very little action in washington. i think you will see starting next week the beginning of some real fact finding, some real action. unfortunately the multi-trillion dollar bill passed last week with the help of senate republicans hurt our leverage a bit. now we have to wait until september when the next funding runs out before we can actually use the purse string as leverage against this administration. but i do believe the hearings are important. i believe that being able to compel members of the biden administration to testify and answer the hard questions is an important step. i believe that what this
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administration has done is immoral, unchristian. they are encouraging illegal immigration and encouraging children and parents to join with the cartels and make the trek to el paso and other border cities. they are worried about being dropped off at kamala harris's house but what they're doing is encouraging the increase in child prostitution, child trafficking, fentanyl. it is really horrible what's happening at the border. it's immoral and wrong. groups like catholic charities are involved. they are using our taxpayer funds against us. hearings are important because i believe it's important for the american people to finally get some answers. >> jonathan: thank you very much. we'll see if anything changes in 2023. happy new year to you, sir. >> same to you, thank you. >> my 4-year-old granddaughter is waiting for me in chicago. i was supposed to be there yesterday. i will go home now. >> they said that i can't even
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fly until the 31st. so they have no flights, no availability. >> we have never experienced anything like it. i guess i'm not going to ever fly a flight that flies to chicago again in the winter. >> julie: a few of the countless frustrated travelers stranded across the country as airlines cancel or delay thousands of flights due to the winter storm and freezing temps. this video shows crowds of people around baggage claim at newark airport in new jersey for a flight that never bordered. that's a bummer. most of the canceled flights are on southwest airlines. i've heard all about this. it appears the misery will continue tomorrow. don't we have such great news for you today? southwest has already canceled nearly 2500 flights for wednesday. we have senior correspondent steve harrigan live at atlanta international airport with more. more cancellations. i would never leave my home
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again after this. >> it is tough going. just talking to people here they have all got the same story. they're struggling to get home and don't know how to do it. when you look at some of these baggage piles, luggage and baggage stacked high at airports across the u.s. as thousands of americans struggle to try to get home after christmas weekend. more than 4,500 flights canceled. u.s. and international today and of those, as you mentioned, more than 2,500 southwest airlines. when you talk to people here, they don't know what's next. they don't have their luggage or clothing or any information about how to get home. >> the flight from phoenix got delayed by seven hours and from phoenix to houston. i'm stuck at the airport. they were supposed to get my luggage back. the luggage is nowhere to be found. >> we got all the way to the airport, lounge, checked in, through security, waiting for
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our flight. said it was on time and all of a sudden it canceled. >> the department of transportation has singled out southwest saying the level of cancellations is simply unacceptable. the company says it will make things right for its passengers but for many here it is already too late. julie. >> julie: thank you. i will throw my glasses back on my face. jonathan. >> jonathan: it has been more than six weeks since the murders of four university of idaho students. and still no suspect. the father of one victim speaking out. what he is saying about whether police will catch the killer and the i.r.s. pushing back its new $6 hundred reporting threshold for online payments. what's behind that delay next? ♪
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>> jonathan: it's been more than six weeks now since the murders of four university of idaho students and despite police still having no suspect, the father of victim maddy mogan remains hopeful they will catch the killer. he told a local newspaper quote, from the very beginning i've known that people don't get away with these things these days. there is too many things that you can get caught up on like dna and videos everywhere. this isn't something that people get away with that goes unsolved. ted williams joins us now.
7:22 am
a former d.c. homicide detective and since the murders he has spent time in idaho. i have a simple question given your experience and given that you have been there and watched these investigators at work, how on earth is it possible that we don't even have a suspect? >> you know, jonathan, at this stage of the investigation we really don't know what they have behind the scenes. we know what they are telling the public. we know that they have elicited the public's help to bring the killer or killers to justice. you have thousands of law enforcement officers working behind the scenes with evidence that i hopefully, as ben has said, will bring the killer or killers to justice, i believe. >> jonathan: ted, we are all grateful always for the work
7:23 am
that all of our police officers do but is there any sense in your mind or any fear in your mind that there is a level of -- i don't want to say incompetence but level of inexperience with these kind of cases in this sort of smaller police force? >> you know, jonathan, when you heard the 35-person police department who had not had a homicide out there in about seven years was the lead in this, i was deeply concerned. but now i do realize that you have the f.b.i. and you have the idaho state police force that are working in conjunction with that local police department. and so you do have now a great deal of experience. i was deeply concerned as perhaps you know about them putting the white car out there so late. i think that a case of this nature, you are going to be --
7:24 am
you need the public's help in solving this crime. somebody, jonathan, somebody out there have seen that white car. somebody out there knows of someone who came home with a wound. somebody out there knows of someone who came home with a great deal of bloody clothes. and all law enforcement needs is just that one person to come forward and help them in resolving this matter. >> jonathan: ted, this doesn't appear on the face of it at least to me, correct me if i'm wrong here, but the kind of crime that is committed by criminal masterminds. surely there was a lot of dna evidence left there. this car you've talked about, are they deliberately withholding a lot of information? is that what you think is going on here? >> well, they are deliberately holding back some information. i don't know how much. but i do know that having been
7:25 am
out there in idaho, having been out there and walked the circumference of that crime scene, i believe from everything that i've seen and gleaned that the person or persons who committed this crime had been in that home before. and i do believe that there was a great deal of evidence that was left and that law enforcement is processing that evidence. at some stage here -- and i hope soon -- definitely they will resolve and solve this case. a crime scene cries out to investigators, and good investigators listen to the crime scene and what it gives them. and here i think you have a great deal of physical evidence. someone will be caught in this or someones. >> jonathan: you really hope so for the sake of those families that we get answers soon. ted, great to have you with us today. thank you very much for your
7:26 am
expertise and experience and sharing it with us. julie. >> julie: north korea continues raising tensions. this time it wasn't missile launches that had south korea scrambling fighter jets for the second day in a row. plus russia giving ukraine an ultimatum to surrender territory one day after putin said moscow is open to talks. dr. rebecca grant on all of this next.
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>> jonathan: a major change ahead for visitors to china. the national health commission there will no longer require inbound travelers to go into quarantine starting january 8th. the country is finally easing covid restrictions on its borders which have been largely shut since 2020. anyone entering china will still have to undergo pcr testing 48 hours before departure. >> julie: fighting rages in
7:32 am
eastern and southern ukraine as the war enters its 11th month. russia with an ultimatum. kiev must end the military operation or suffer defeat on the battlefield. nate foye live in kiev with more. >> good morning, julie. the foreign ministers from both countries laid out what it would take for them to sit down at the negotiation table and possibly get to an end of this war. they could not be farther apart. russia demands that ukraine give up 1/5 of its land. pose no mill temporary threat to russia. ukraine maintain every russian soldier needs to leave its territory including crimea, a non-starter for russia. shelling continues in ukraine's east and south. take a look at this video from bakhmut today. ukraine's foreign minister says it is proof that russia actually has no interest in peace
7:33 am
negotiations. now despite that ukraine is hoping for a u.n. peace summit moderated by secretary general of the u.n. here is ukraine's foreign minister talking about that goal. >> we are aiming at the end of february. they say they're ready for negotiations, which is not true. everything they do on the battlefield proves the opposite, proves to the contrary. they aren't seeking peace. >> this comes one day after russia claims to have shot down a ukrainian drone targeting an air base deep inside russia. this same air base has been targeted twice this month and it has been used in previous attacks against ukraine's critical infrastructure. ukraine has not taken public credit for the strike but did say they will be ready to operate the patriot missile defense system within six months. listen to this. >> to meet ukraine's needs, the u.s. administration has
7:34 am
elaborated a new special force to make our operators ready within much less time for this weapon on the battlefield. >> it will be part of ukraine's larger air defense strategy to protect civilians and critical infrastructure that is badly needed. right now president zelensky says 9 million people in ukraine are without power. >> julie: in the brutal cold. just awful. >> jonathan: let's bring in the national security and you military analyst and president of iris independent research. get back to something nate mentioned in his excellent reporting. this potential peace summit, real, doctor, what's to negotiate from president zelensky's point of view? doesn't he just say all of you
7:35 am
russians out, every inch, every centimeter of ukraine back to ukrainian control and that's it? >> interesting that ukraine is trying to get the u.n. involved in a peace settlement. i say about time. but i don't hold out a lot of hope at this point. zelensky put a good offer on the table months ago, including letting russia keep crimea, that was before all the brutality and killings, before the attacks on the power grids and let's face it, putin is not serious about peace talks right now and he won't be until he thinks he is going to lose something big. >> jonathan: it strikes me that president zelensky is in a difficult position if he is going to negotiate at any point because given what you say about the brutality that the ukrainians have been through, if he were to give one inch, literally, i would think there is enough people in ukraine who would say absolutely not and
7:36 am
president zelensky himself could end up in danger from some of his own people. >> no question zelensky ultimately wants peace. he was elected back a few years ago to try to negotiate. but then everything changed because of russia and ukraine has the momentum on the battlefield right now. ukrainians amazing are holding out despite the rolling black-outs and ongoing war. right now zelensky's smart move is to keep up the battlefield momentum and keep the battles going in the east where they are doing quite well around bakhmut and crimea at this point. >> jonathan: a critical year in ukraine. move to another topic if you don't mind. north korea sending these drones apparently across the border into south korea. south korea scrambling jets. how significant an infraction was this in your view? >> this was bad from kim showing
7:37 am
off. from a military perspective don't worry about the drones. south korea saw them right away. worry about almost 67 missile shots this year. most of them are old short range missiles but half a dozen of them are longer range intercontinental missiles and that's very worrying. kim is trying to build nuclear missiles to reach the u.s. a lot of technical failures but the more they test, the more they learn. that's a concern. >> jonathan: doctor, i feel that a lot of us here perhaps look at these and think we've seen it all before with the north koreans, kim back to his father. nothing really changes. you say we should be very concerned about what he is doing here. >> because he has made a change this year in dropping any diplomacy with south korea or the u.s. and really going over to the camp of russia and china.
7:38 am
selling artillery shells back to the russians. with kim jong undeciding to cozy up to russia and china it is a concern. we have to keep an eye on him with our allies and kim has to know if he steps a foot out of line we will do things to that target set that he can't even imagine. >> jonathan: i have a bad feeling we will be talking to you a great deal about international issues throughout 2023. it is great to have you. it's bad we have to talk about all these crises. thank you very much for being here today. >> julie: the i.r.s. delays a tax will change for people using convenient mow and zell. a school district demanding thousands of dollars from parents asking important questions about bullying at
7:39 am
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>> julie: a texas mom is fighting to get answers after she says her son was bullied for two years in middle school. the school district said it would cost her more than $7 thousand for information about bullying and other incident reports filed over the past few years, the mom is terri and joins us now along with her attorney.
7:45 am
terri, i'm so sorry you have had to endure this. bullying your son is like bullying you. our children are us and your 13-year-old son has endured what i understand is two years of vicious physical and verbal bullying in middle school often on account of his korean american heritage which is absolutely despicable. to get to the root of the problem you sought these records from the school district for the number of bullying assaults and police reports. how is it they are billing you for thousands? >> that's the million dollar question. i don't understand how they can charge me that much. these are numbers they already have and they have to have for the state of texas, again, i just want to understood the magnitude of this problem. it is nationwide problem but as a parent i have every right to know what's going on in the school and why my son is not
7:46 am
safe in the school district. >> julie: can the school distinct even get away with this, warren? >> no, they cannot. they can try to. they will often use excuses of one sort or another to excuse their failure to perform. in this case it's an attempt to redact. school districts will say we need to remove all the personal information from a report to protect innocent bystanders. that's a reasonable thing to do. but terri asked just for the top-level numbers. numbers that have to be compiled and given to the states, texas education agency anyway. most of this work should have already been done. shouldn't have cost a dime. terri said please don't worry about redacting i want the top level numbers. they want $7 thousand to redact. we've asked the foreign general to get involved and see what he can do. the attorney general being the top law officer in the state can
7:47 am
do a lot more than we can. >> julie: this is the latest instance of public schools trying to use public records and fees to keep parents in the dark. a parent should never be left in the dark, not on bullying, not on education. we have the right to know what's happening to our children when they are in your care. terri, what have you done? have you pulled your child from this school? do they show any sympathy about the awful bullying that could have long lasting effects on your son for years to come? >> he is still in the school district right now. he has a lot of friend and doesn't want to leave yet and i don't think he should have to leave. the school needs to provide a safe environment for all children, not just mine. i don't think that's happening. i would say from the district administration-wise, no, we aren't receiving any type of sympathy or anything from them. it's like they want to pretend that i'm not talking about this
7:48 am
or we're not bringing the issues to light. >> julie: in a letter from the attorney representing the school district to terri on the record request this is what it reads. the district does not have any existing documents reflecting a total number or the resources to run a search for reports automatically. as a result, personnel must manually retrieve all potentially responsive reports and review and redact confidential information. i get redacting confidential information. you are talking about minors here. don't give me that load of crap that you don't have record of every bully than incident considering the school district could be held libel if something happened to one of the children. this sounds like a bunch of bull. jared? warren, are you there?
7:49 am
>> i'm here. if i can break in i want to make sure that people understand that it takes parents stepping up like terri and people stepping up and saying you can't do this. as long as the parents step up, we've asked the attorney general to get involved. it is exposure on this show and many others and people stepping up and saying you can't do this. eventually the exposure gets to them and the sand box bullies will step down and do the right thing but they have to be pushed. >> julie: warren and terri, thank you both so much. there is a bit of a delay on warren and for our viewers who are understanding the pause there. good luck to you both and keep the fight as every parent should. because if nobody watches out for our children who will if not for the parents? thank you both. >> jonathan: florida lawmakers are considering a law that would allow adults to legally carry a loaded concealed gun in public
7:50 am
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>> jonathan: the i.r.s. is pushing back a new $6 hundred reporting threshold with payments made through programs like convenient mow and zell. i don't understand anything about taxes, gerri is live in new york city newsroom to break it all down. gerri. >> we've been on this story for months. taxpayers are relieved by a decision from the i.r.s. to delay by one year requirements that e-commerce platforms like convenient mow zell -- millions of workers, some in the gig economy are hit hard by the rule and some, like kids in the
7:56 am
online retail platform for children's clothing tell fox business the rule should be abandoned all together. >> over 75% of our sales in 2022 came from sellers over that $6 hundred threshold. this really impacts a large portion of our community. most of whom are parents simply selling clothes and other essentials that their kids have outgrown. >> congress passed the $6 hundred threshold for form 1099k reports as part of the american rescue plan nearly two years ago. prior to that platforms had to report income of $20,000. the big change was expected to bring in an additional $8.4 billion in income over ten years. democrats said the move was essential to boosting tax compliance among businesses that underreport. critics said it could wrongly hit people using payment apps for anything like splitting the
7:57 am
cost of a meal. the delay comes as the agency is struggling to clear a backlog of paper tax forms. i.r.s. can't handle the work it has on its plate now. an audit found the agency had yet to process 9.6 million tax returns as of october 28th. the i.r.s. will not meet all of its goals by the end of 2022 and will continue to have a backlog into 2023. as i send it back to you i say the irony of this tax rule change democrats originally said they would target wealthy americans. this hits low and middle income americans squarely. >> jonathan: happy new year to the best in business, gerri willis. julie. >> julie: you read my mind. florida's republican-controlled state legislature is looking to pass a bill to let people carry
7:58 am
concealed firearms without a permit or gun safety training. phil keating is leave in miami. what's this all about? >> well, here in florida if you want to carry a concealed handgun you first have to apply to the department of agriculture, then you get fingerprinted and you also then get a special permit plus you have to do a four-hour gun safety class in order to get that permit. but much of that could go away next year if florida passes what's called a constitutional carry or permitless carry law allowing people to buy a handgun and carry it loaded and concealed all of the time. such a bill is a priority next year and republican governor ron desantis indicates he will likely sign it. >> this was something that i have always supported. that puts us in line now with a majority of states who have done that and even states like vermont and new hampshire have been able to do that. so we'll get that done.
7:59 am
>> 25 states already have this law and the states in green from maine to alaska, florida would be number 26. josh anderson of johnson firearms says not knowing who is packing heat and who is not is the whole point. >> it is the mystery aspect in our society being a polite society. if you assume that everybody can be armed you will treat everybody with more respect. you won't challenge people unnecessarily engage in aggressive acts. >> gun control advocates totally disagree and plan to lobby hard in tallahassee against such legislation. >> why are we going to make it easier to carry a firearm? it doesn't make sense. it is reckless, it is dangerous, it is the height of irresponsibility. >> to buy a gun at a licensed firearm dealer you will still
8:00 am
have to undergo a background check. the legislature convenes in early march. >> julie: thank you so much. molly line is in for harris, jonathan, a wonderful two hours. best two hours of my 2022 for me. >> jonathan: best two hours for your life and me, too. happy new year to you. >> julie: let's watch "the faulkner focus" with molly next. >> molly: not even the christmas weekend cold could slow down the surge. migrants trying to get into the country shows there is no place like our southern border for the holidays. border patrol reporting more than 16,000 encounters over the weekend with only a small percentage expelled under title 42. 14,000 of them released. the end of title 42 still in limbo as we wait for the supreme court to decide if it stays by


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